Review of Yo! Sushi in Bournemouth

August 30, 2016

Review of Yo! Sushi in Bournemouth

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We have been eagerly awaiting this new arrival to Bournemouth’s flourishing town centre and we were delighted to be invited to experience this Japanese treat for ourselves.

As a family of 4, we are big fans of sushi and are familiar with the Yo! Sushi brand – so much so that my youngest son liked to press his face against the glass during the renovations to see how close it was to opening! Bournemouth already has a couple of delicious Sushi outlets but Yo! Sushi adds a delightfully family friendly version to the mix with plenty of room to eat in.

Review of Yo Sushi in Bournemouth

The brightly decorated interior has been designed around Yo! Sushi’s iconic conveyor belt that encircles the restaurant and constantly whizzes delicious dishes past your nose. Every table sits next to the conveyor and is also kitted out with its own soy sauce, pickled ginger, wasabi and two taps for still and sparkling water. The ‘theatre style’ kitchen is also right in the centre of the restaurant where you can watch the chefs at work.

If you don’t spy your favourite dish, then a simple press of the button at your table grabs the attention of one of the friendly waiters who will take any extra drink orders, will happily explain any of the 100 dishes on the menu and can take orders for any of the items you don’t see whizzing around the conveyor.

Each dish on the menu comes on a different coloured plate which indicates the cost (ranging from £2 to £6) and at the end of the meal, your waiter will count them your plates and calculate the bill. There are also various deals throughout the week – like ‘Blue Mondays’ where an extra 36 plates from the menu become the one of cheapest colours – blue (£2.80).

The menu is full of all the sushi dishes you would expect; Miso and Ramen dishes, a range of Katsu curries, Gyoza dumplings, Tempura and Teriyaki as well as all the Sushi rolls, Sashimi and Sushi dishes that you could think of. Our personal favourites include: Salmon Teriyaki (salmon cooked in a sticky sauce made from soy and honey), Vegetable Tempura (a range of vegetables deep fried in a light batter), Spicy Chicken Roll (seaweed roll filled with rice and crisp chicken and coated in a wonderful spicy powder), Edamame (small pea like pods liberally sprinkled with salt and spice – fun to pop and catch in your mouth …although we weren’t very successful!) and Maki (small, seaweed rolls filled with sticky rice with either cucumber, avocado, salmon or fresh tuna) – my kids’ favourite!

The drinks menu is full of soft drinks as well as wines, sakes and craft beers (including my husband’s favourite Hitachino Nest White Ale). There is also an extensive takeaway menu (only for collection at the moment) which is all made fresh to order and is perfect to collect and wander the short stroll into the gardens or the beach to make the most of the sunshine.

We had a wonderful time at Yo! Sushi. There was always something for my kids to look at and be involved in. We all tried new dishes and my boys loved taking items from the conveyor. Members of staff are friendly and helpful and the little touches like the buttons on the table making the music in the restaurant stop (a delight for my kids – such power!!). Its a fun, lively place to go with friends and family – I heartily recommend.

Yo! Sushi
8 Old ChristChurch Road
01202 048940

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