Review of the Stable Pizza Cider Experience

September 14, 2017

Review of the Stable Pizza Cider Experience


Review of the Stable Pizza Cider Experience

In February 2012 we attended the launch party of the Stable Pizza in Weymouth. Things have moved at a pace since then, now they are in seventeen locations across the country, with four in Dorset (Bridport, Weymouth, Poole & Bournemouth). Richard and Nikki Cooper’s concept of combining pizza & cider is truly a winning formula and when asked to sample their new cider tasting experience, how could we refuse. [edited to add that the Weymouth Stable restaurant has now closed but the rest of the Stables are still open and the Cider Experiences are still available across the Stable chain]

Each Stable across the country now has their own Cider Master, these are highly-trained cider heads. Weymouth’s is Ross Duncan, who warmly greeted us and explained the three levels of experiences available.

During this introductory cider-tasting experience you’ll learn about the cider-making process, different cider-making regions, fruit varieties and some common things to look out for such as tannins, acidity and blending. You’ll also taste 10 of their best ciders, with an opportunity to take notes and ask questions from your Cider Master as you go. Cheese and crackers, cider tasting cards, pens and spittoons are all provided. Duration: 60 mins

All the cider tasting insight of their Strictly Cider experience, with their handmade pizzas thrown in at the halfway mark. Now’s your chance to understand exactly why cheese and bread go so perfectly with cider! Order your own individual pizzas, or if you’re coming as a group, go buffet-style and try a few different pizzas between you. Taste ten amazing ciders and learn about how they’re made. Cheese and crackers, cider tasting cards, pens and spittoons are all provided. Duration: 100 mins

Cider and supper taken to the next level. Enjoy elegant keeved ciders and apple aperitifs, taste high-end single varieties, hedgerow blends and learn to distinguish notes, aroma, taste and colour, all under the expert guidance of their Cider Masters. During this ultimate cider-tasting experience you’ll also dine on their finest, handmade sourdough pizzas, feast on cheeses and charcuterie, and enjoy cider brandies with their unctuous chocolate brownies for dessert. This experience is tailored for you, with plenty of time to focus on the areas your group is most interested in. Duration: 150 mins.

We were lucky, we also had The Stable Head of Cider (what a job title!) Tim Gibbs, who was going to be our cider guide for the evening.

Review of the Stable Cider Experience

What a wonderful way to spend a beautiful early autumn evening, proper cider drinking weather. We had ten ciders to taste whilst nibbling on Ford Farm Cheese, with Tim & Ross explaining the inner secrets of ciders and more importantly how to find ciders that you enjoy.

They ranged from very light single variety ciders, to deep rich strong ciders, all having their place and time to drink. Some had been blended to suit specific tastes, with berries to form a blush cider and one that is aimed at G&T drinkers! So there is a cider waiting just for you, you just need to find it. You may have to mix a half a pint of sweet, with half a pint of dry to find your perfect match, but it is out there, so experiment, you will have so much fun looking for it. Don’t forget you don’t have to be on the Cider Experience to taste the different ciders, just ask at the bar to taste one before you buy it.

The Stable really do push great local food & drink, we enjoyed ciders from Dorset, cheese from Dorset and the majority of pizzas have ingredients sourced from Dorset.

Review of the Stable Cider Experience

Many thanks Tim & Ross for such an entertaining and informative evening, they really are passionate cider heads. The Cider Tasting Experience is such a great idea and is perfect for birthdays, team building, special occasions or just a group of mates who want a fun evening, contact your local Stable and book today

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