Review of the vegan menus at The Real Greek in Bournemouth

June 27, 2017

Review of the vegan menus at The Real Greek in Bournemouth

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Review of the Vegan menus at The Real Greek in Bournemouth

I love all things Mediterranean – the sun, the sea but most importantly, the hummus.

Frankly, how would vegans survive without hummus?

Because of this aforementioned love, my partner and I were super excited to try out The Real Greek that opened in the BH2 complex in Bournemouth.

First off, I didn’t realise there was an upstairs area to the Real Greek when we wandered in which was our first mistake. It was a lovely warm evening and not only is there upstairs seating, they have a little sun trap balcony with its own bar too! Sadly, the place looked busy when we rocked up and they sat us at a table downstairs which we didn’t query. The interior was authentic – floor-to-ceiling glass windows let the light stream in and small, square, marble tables looked the part.

Review of Real Greek Vegan Menus in Bournemouth

Unfortunately, after being seated promptly – our waitress whizzed upstairs and forgot to mention us to anyone else. After reading the menu a few times over, we found ourselves twiddling our thumbs and trying to eye up another waiter which was a bit of a let-down.

When we eventually caught someone’s attention, they brought us some water infused with fresh mint which was a really nice touch. Having accidentally become addicted to olive oil on our summer holiday, it was a luxury to have our own can of oil on the table too.

As we waited for drinks, we ordered some olives to share which – being in a Greek place – I had extremely high expectations of. The good news is that they were chilled, ripe and juicy. Probably the best I’ve ever enjoyed without a marinade.

If there’s two of you, they do a really nice ‘perfect for sharing’ option where you can essentially choose a number of Greek tapas style plates and share the lot which we opted for. The menu wasn’t particularly friendly in terms of how it was laid out but they had a ‘VG’ code next to items to show what was available for vegans.

As such, I had to look at each plate we wanted on the sharing menu, find it on the main menu and check if certain items could be removed or swapped around. Not too much of a nightmare but it always feel a little awkward confusing your waiter so much.

We chose houmous, green pea fava, prawn saganaki (hold the feta), grilled aubergine, falafel and saffron rice. A Grecian feast for two at £36.00 for the lot.

The presentation of the food was really cute and helped us to keep some space on our little table. It almost felt like a Grecian tea party…

Starting from the top – the soft, warm pitta bread was to die for. Potentially my favourite part.
We had seconds, obviously.

The houmous was delicious, not too oily which I like.

I’d never had green pea fava before but it was delicious – definitely another recipe I need in my armoury. I would have liked a little bit more, I practically licked the plate clean.

The saffron rice was a really nice flavour mix and complimented our other plates nicely.

The falafels were drier than the surface of the sun. I’ve had a few falafels in my life but these were unimpressive – perhaps the chef had an off day?

Finally (as I’m still in my seagan ways), we had a plate of prawn saganaki – a mix of tomato, red onion, chilli, garlic, parsley and paprika. They were juicy and delicious.

In wrapping up – despite some initially slow service, the chap who eventually tended to us was lovely and the food on the whole was delicious but their falafels needed watering.

It’s worth noting that if you’re not planning on sitting with them, they’ve come up with a genius idea of selling picnic bags at £20 a pop – a nice idea on a sunny day.

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The Real Greek

Unit UG1, Bh2,
Exeter Crescent,


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