Review of Sun Rum – a tasty rum blended in Bournemouth.

March 5, 2020

Review of Sun Rum – a tasty rum blended in Bournemouth.

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With all this rain we’ve had this winter, I was eager to imagine a warmer summer’s evening and relished the chance to try a swig of the tasty Sun Rum.

This Dorset rum is blended in Bournemouth from 4 different, sun-soaked rums (a Barbadian 3 and 5 year White American Oak barrel age rums, twinned with a Cuban 5 year aged and a Dominican Republic fresh), Sun Rum is easy to drink neat and makes a cracking accompaniment to a strong ginger beer (obviously we recommend Dorset Ginger) or the more classic cola.

Sun Rum can be found in a number of our local bars and nightclubs, as well as many of our local sun-fueled summer festivals and its light, sweet taste is a lovely addition to a mojito or a mai tai …as their hashtag says, it definitely bangs #tothebeatoftherum

You can find Sun Rum in your local bar and if you would like to stock Sun Rum, then do check out their website –

Review of Sun Rum

We were gifted this bottle of Sun Rum.

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