Review of Sid & Nancy Cooking Academy

November 12, 2020

Review of Sid & Nancy Cooking Academy


Review of Sid & Nancy Cooking Academy and their cooking kits for kids.

I remember discovering a love of cooking when I was given my own recipe book and it became something that was for me too, not just something my parents did. Sid & Nancy Cooking Academy is this generation’s cooking books for children… a subscription of cooking kits for kids with recipes boxes aimed at children, full of ideas, fun tasks, badges, fun facts and stickers.

I was kindly gifted two boxes and was delighted that rather than the usual simple or easy recipes that children often end up with, these recipe boxes were filled with interesting and delicious meals and sweet bakes. These even included Roast Chicken and a baked Alaska! Slightly simplified versions for sure, but the resulting dishes can make enough for the whole family and taste delicious. 

Each box is themed – we had an autumnal Bonfire night theme and an Arctic Adventure theme that had a more festive vibe and includes craft activities as well the recipes and handily, a shopping list so you know what to buy to make the recipe box. 

Sid and Nancy Cooking Academy was founded by Nic and named after her two children, Sid and Nancy. The Cooking Academy was born out of a love of food and a desire to create family moments centred around making food together. After spending time cooking with her two children, Nic discovered that they asked loads of questions, they made a mess… and they loved it! 

So Sid and Nancy Cooking Academy was born and with it, a box of goodies to allow children to cook with their adults, learn about the science of cooking (there are fun facts throughout the recipes and extra activities), have lots of fun …and probably make a mess! These kits are carefully thought through and beautifully illustrated to make them easy and fun to use. 

The boxes can be bought as a one of purchase, or in a subscription of 3, 6 or 12 months or a rolling monthly subscription and prices start at £14 for 1 box (including delivery). They also have a festive offer for an annual subscription which includes one free box. 

These recipe boxes are a great way to connect as a family around something as simple as cooking dinner. The kits take away all the stress of working out what and how to cook and make it fun and tasty. 

To find out more and purchase your recipe box head to

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Heather was gifted two recipe boxes. 

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