Review of Polly’s Petals and their edible flower kits

November 13, 2020

Review of Polly’s Petals and their edible flower kits


Review of Polly’s Petals and their edible flower kits.

I am a huge fan of flowers… growing in the garden, cut in a vase, dried or edible. I love the bright colours, the smell, the shapes, the textures, all of it! Imagine my joy when Polly’s Petals contacted me to tell me about their edible flower kits! After having a sneaky look on their instagram (and exclaiming out loud at the prettiness!), I couldn’t wait for my box to arrive. 

Polly’s Petals, as the name suggests, celebrates petals! Their smell, colour, texture and the fact that they are totally natural and biodegradable so are great for the environment and our bodies too. Founded by Cara Polly Franses and based in Portland, Polly’s Petals sell petals for any occasion – both edible and non (they sell petals for crafts, confetti and spa type treatments too), their shop sells 100% natural, sustainable and biodegradable products. 

When my delivery arrived I eagerly opened the package and was greeted by a waft of rose as my box was wrapped so carefully and finished with a sprinkling of dried rose petals. I was kindly gifted by Polly’s Petals 3 different kits – a baking kit, a drinks kit and a spice kit. 

Each edible flower kit was beautifully wrapped and a joyous experience to open. My baking kit was the Hibiscus, Rose & Green Matcha Baking Kit and included matcha green tea powder, red rose powder, rose petals and hibiscus powder. Wanting to use them all at once, I baked a simple sponge and added some of the matcha powder with the flour. After baking and impatiently waiting for it to cool, I made some water icing, added some rose powder and drizzled over the cut cakes. I finished the bake by liberally sprinkling the rose petals over the top. The resulting cake had the earthy-ness of the matcha and the light, floral notes of the rose…and was certainly a joy to look at! It was also great to know that all the colouring added to my cake was entirely natural. 

There are a number of different baking kits available, separated by colour so it is easy to choose. You can also buy some of the powders on their own if you would rather mix and match. 

The ‘Dress Your Drinks’ edible flower kit is a cocktail lover’s dream. The kits contains 6 different types of flowers in 6 little jars, all edible and all beautifully dried to add to drinks for a little bit of extra wow. For example, you can add some Butterfly Blue Pea Flowers to a drink to change the colour initially to blue and then to purple with a dash of citrus. 

The ‘Moroccan Spice Collection’ is an edible flower kit designed to add flavour and colour to your cooking. Again containing 6 little jars filled with flavours, this kit contained dried mint leaves (these smell amazing!), lavender, red rose petals, pink rose buds, Harrissa spice blend and a Ras El Hanout spice blend (these two spices blends smell amazing too!). 

I have had the chance to have a tiny play with the kits but I am so looking forward to seeing how many dishes, drinks and cakes I can create using such fun ingredients and adornments. 

Polly’s Petals website and instagram is just full of ideas to inspire you and their shop has many options to tempt you, either buying the items individually (from about £6 upwards) or as a kit (from about £13 upwards). 

You can find out more information and can buy their edible flower kits on their online shop by visiting 

You can find Polly’s Petals along with many other local businesses in our searchable business Directory.

Heather was gifted the three sets. 

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