Review of Olivero Olive Oil

June 10, 2020

Review of Olivero Olive Oil


Review of Olivero Olive Oil

I’m always on the look out for a local product that is grown and produced with love and care. I was recently given a bottle of Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Olivero Olive Oil and it is the perfect example of the type of product and business I love to find.

Olivero Olive Oil is grown and produced on a small family farm in Southern Italy. Using traditional Italian methods and with great care and attention given to the trees and the fruit, the olives are grown free from chemicals. The olives are then handpicked and cold pressed resulting in their unrefined extra virgin olive oil.

Olivero Olive Oil

There are many Italian olive groves across Italy but without the use of chemical products to assist growth, the harvest from each season is weather dependent. This means that many olive groves are harvested for family, friends and locals only. Fortunately for us, Olivero have begun to sell their delicious oil slightly further afield and have set up a small base in Dorset.

I wanted to make the most of the flavour of this oil so I tried some with some lovely local tomatoes and a fresh loaf of seeded bread so I didn’t mask the flavour too much. The oil is smooth and creamy, very different from a supermarket oil in that it is full of that fruity olive flavour! This oil was the perfect addition to my simple ingredients, it really made them sing! I’m looking forward to making a fresh pesto with it too – it will be the perfect compliment to that wonderfully floral basil.

If you are looking for a taste of Italian sunshine then you can purchase Olivero direct from their Instagram page or you can visit their online shop. Bottles are priced at £10 for 250ml and £15 for 500ml.

Olivero Olive oil feature, along with many other local businesses, on our searchable Food & Drink Directory. To find your local businesses to support, click here

Heather’s bottle of Olive Oil was gifted. All photos taken by Heather Brown. Heather also worked with Olivero to help build their website. 

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