Review of Liberty Fields

May 14, 2021

Review of Liberty Fields


Review of Liberty Fields

For a long time I kept hearing about Liberty Fields products but I seemed to keep missing seeing the products in the shops. Finally this year I have managed to try not just one but TWO of their delicious apple products and thought it was high time they made another appearance on Dorset Foodie Feed (you can read John’s review here complete with a recipe for apple fudge!). 

Liberty Fields began in 2009 with 4 friends who were interested in bio-diversity, food and making the best use of unused land on their dairy farm. A keen interest in how products are made led to the realisation into how versatile apples can be and how well the apple trees might grow on their land. 

After planting 250 trees in 2010, Liberty Fields now has over 12 acres and over 1600 trees. They launched their first product, the apple balsamic vinegar, in 2012, followed by their dessert cider in 2014, their Porter’s Perfection Vodka in 2016 and their Apple Syrup in 2017. 

They have two orchards on the farm, growing a number of varieties of apples. They also have the ‘Dorset Mother Orchard’ which contains some of the rarest varieties of local Dorset apples. You can read more about the amazing history of Liberty Farm on their website) and how they also graft apple species. 

I first bought their Apple Syrup and then discovered their Dessert Cider. 

The Apple Syrup, nicknamed ‘Dorset’s answer to maple syrup’, is thick and full of flavour. Unbelievably made from just Dorset apples (no added sugar), it is as sweet at maple syrup and it has just a hint of sharpness from the apples. The apple flavour does come through when tasting on its own, but it is not overpowering and adds a lovely layer of complexity when combining with other ingredients (like pancakes or ice cream). 

The Dessert Cider has a rich and full flavour. It is alcoholic(7%) but deceptively so, I couldn’t taste it when I tasted the cider neat. It is both sweet and sharp and really is the perfect complement to a cheese board at the end of the meal. 

To find out more information and to find out where you can buy your Liberty Fields products, check out their website –

Liberty Fields features on our searchable Directory of over 550 businesses. 

Photos by Heather Brown.

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