Review of Forno Pizza in Bournemouth

May 14, 2020

Review of Forno Pizza in Bournemouth


Review of Forno Pizza in Bournemouth

Our family of four are big fans of pizza and we have had the pleasure of sampling Forno Pizza a few times at various festivals and events over the years. During Lockdown we have ordered a delicious, hot home delivery from their base in Winton …and last week we were gifted a DIY pizza kit.

Forno Pizza specialise in handmade, sourdough pizzas that are left to rise over 48 hours and are then topped and blast cooked in a wood oven. The resulting pizzas are light and airy and packed full of flavour. Forno Pizza started with their takeaway truck that traveled to many of our much loved food and music festivals and now they have a brick and mortar restaurant and takeaway in Bournemouth. Their menu is full of tasty options including lots of locally sourced toppings, with tasty dips, some sides and a smattering of craft ales to wash it all down.

During Lockdown, Forno have taken their popular pizza classes and created a DIY pizza kit ready to make your pizza at home. They home deliver their kits on Fridays and Mondays and the kits last 24 hours.

Each kits contains dough, grated mozzarella, tomato sauce and fresh basil enough for two large pizzas (and costs £10). Myself, my husband and my two teenage kids all had fun rolling out our dough and creating our own unique pizzas, before popping them into the oven to bake.

Our pizzas were so much better than anything we have made at home before (our own attempts at dough just paled into comparison) and you can really tell that the sourdough has been lovingly left to slowly rise before sending it out to us. We all enjoyed our pizzas – from creating to eating – and it was a great way to spend time together at home.

To order your pizzas (hot or in a kit!) then you can simply order via their app or their website –

Forno Pizza features, along with many other local businesses, on our searchable Food and Drink Directory. Find and support your local businesses here

Please note that we were gifted two kits (enough for our family of four) but any pizzas we have ordered from Forno Pizza prior to that were fully paid for. 

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