Review of Flo and Frankie’s Fudge

July 20, 2020

Review of Flo and Frankie’s Fudge


Review of Flo and Frankie’s Fudge

Fudge is an absolute treat for me, a little bit of sugary heaven. I am currently avoiding lactose to sort out some dietary issues so when I was approached by Flo and Frankie’s Fudge, I was DELIGHTED to find out that they also offered vegan fudge!

Flo and Frankie’s Fudge make all their fudge in the traditional way, using copper pans and to a much loved recipe. They have a range of 20 flavours of fudge, all handmade and with a wide range of flavours… from the usual vanilla, chocolate and rum & raisin, to the more unusual millionaire shortbread, rhubarb or turkish delight flavours.

I was delighted to try their vegan vanilla and vegan salted caramel flavours. Fudge was always something I treated myself to on holiday and to my joy, these fudges were exactly as I was hoping for; sweet, creamy and full of flavour. If it wasn’t written on the label, I wouldn’t have known it was vegan and the salted caramel was good and salty – which is hard with a fudge as the sugar often drowns out other flavours.

My husband was also able to get in on the action with a clotted cream fudge and a non-vegan salted caramel, both of which he enjoyed immensely.

Flo and Frankie’s fudge sells for £7 for a good sized, 340g bar (with discounts for multiple bars). They also sell a small range of sweets too at £11 for 1kg bags.

You can buy Flo and Frankie’s fudge from their website for home delivery. When food festivals are allowed to re-start, you will also find them at many of those too.

Flo and Frankie’s fudge features, along with many other local businesses, on our searchable Food and Drink Directory. Find and support your local businesses here

Heather was gifted 4 bars of fudge. Photos by Heather Brown

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