Review of Dorset Wasabi Vodka

November 27, 2019

Review of Dorset Wasabi Vodka


Review of Dorset Wasabi Vodka

I love finding new flavours and when I was offered a press sample of the new Dorset Wasabi Vodka from Dorset’s Wasabi Company, I jumped at the chance to try it.

The Wasabi Company was started by a happy group of watercress growers who had been cultivating watercress on their land since the 1850’s. In the early 2010’s they discovered that the conditions needed for watercress are incredibly similar to that of fresh wasabi and from there, their experiments with their Wasabi plants turned into a very successful business, now supplying fresh wasabi to some of the UKs top restaurants.

The Wasabi Company are based on farms across Dorset and Hampshire and they sell fresh wasabi along with the ability to grow your own plants and a wide range of products where wasabi is the key ingredients (like mayonnaise and mustard), as well as other Japanese inspired products like soy sauce and yuzu.

Recently, they have experimented by combining the heat of wasabi with spirits such as gin and vodka and I was kindly sent a press sample of their new Wasabi Vodka to try.

Review of Dorset Wasabi Vodka

I have to admit to sipping the vodka neat to taste the flavour in its rawest form. I know that vodka isn’t usually the go to for neat sprits (and at 40% proof it certainly gave me quite the hit!), but it did give me an excellent chance to see how the flavours developed without getting it mixed up with the other ingredients in a cocktail.

After the initial shock of the neat vodka, the flavour of the Wasabi is clear and full bodied. The lovely warmth of the wasabi comes through and the after taste is not at all over-powering and quite savoury. The Wasabi Company recommends this in a Dirty Martini or a Bloody Mary and I think this would be an excellent addition to those familiar cocktails, especially to the Bloody Mary! The Wasabi Vodka would obviously also be a wonderful pairing with fresh sushi.

All of the Wasabi products are listed on their website, as well as all sorts of information about the Wasabi plant.

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