Review of Bosk Coffee Roasters

October 19, 2020

Review of Bosk Coffee Roasters


Review of Bosk Coffee – a Coffee roaster based in Weymouth

Bosk Coffee Roastery is a small Roastery nestled into the Dorset countryside, founded and run by Louise and John Burton. Bosk Coffee are a coffee roaster that specialise in sustainable, speciality coffee and care deeply about the social impact of their coffee, right from the initial grower, and work hard to make sure that from grower, to farmer, to supplier, to roasting and packaging, that every stage of the process is sustainable and ethical.

Bosk kindly sent me 4 samples of their coffees for me to taste and I had a lovely session of coffee cupping to try them all (the coffee cupping process is detailed below). I normally love a coffee with a sweet and chocolate-y tasting note, but I was sent a variety and I surprised myself that I loved them all. None of the coffees were bitter in taste (as some espresso blends can be) and they all had full flavour profiles, easy to drink black. This is testament to care taken in in the roasting process so as not to roast them too long and add that bitter aftertaste.

What I also enjoyed immensely were the descriptions on the back of the coffee bags. Rather than describing the tasting notes, they describe the farms and growers who grew and picked the beans. For example, on the back of the Amecafe beans from Brazil, it says “Amecafe beans are from a group of 50 women coffee farmers. Together they share knowledge and educate each other about coffee production. They empower each other and their families by improving the quality of their lives through coffee. This coffee has been blended together from 8 different farms ranging from 4-90 ha in size. Our importers support the group by paying a premium to the group to help fund the building of a cupping lab for the group to advance their knowledge and understanding of the coffee they produce.”

So not only did I get a delicious tasting, carefully roasted coffee, I also knew Bosk were looking after their suppliers and the suppliers were looking after each other.

If you are looking for some sustainable and ethical coffee, that is carefully and locally roasted, then do check out Bosk. You can see their wide range of coffees on their website.

Bosk Coffee feature, along with many other local businesses, on our searchable Food and Drink directory – find your local businesses here


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