Review of Mad Cucumber in Bournemouth

August 17, 2018

Review of Mad Cucumber in Bournemouth


Review of Mad Cucumber in Bournemouth

Vegan food is now part of main stream dining and every food outlet worth their salt is adding a range of vegan options to their menus. This is good news for everyone because vegan food that has been prepared well is of the highest quality and absolutely delicious. There are still very few vegan only cafes/restaurants and one of these is the Mad Cucumber in Bournemouth, as we love vegan food we decided it would be well worth a visit.

The restaurant is right on The Triangle, top of town in Bournemouth. The large super shops in town may be struggling, but this area seems to be having a mini boom, with lots of independent shops opening. There is even a vegan health food store just around the corner, Sunrise Organics.

Mad Cucumber is a place where you can pop in for a quick coffee and a snack, or you can have breakfast until 11:30 and then from noon they serve their home-made organic and where possible local food. You can choose from Patties of the Day, Enchilada’s, Curry, Chilli, Pasta, Mushroom Stroganoff and they also have specials of the day Quiche, Stews, Nut Roast, Sweet potato moussaka, Macaroni Cheeze, Curry and many more. They have just started opening until 21:00 on Thursday evenings and will have a separate menu for then.

We were only in for a quick lunch and we both went for the mushroom burger and salad, plus a good mug of hot black coffee. The burger was everything we had hoped for. The mushroom patty was rammed full of mushrooms, with vegan cheese melting over the top, with the lightly pickled onion cutting through the richness of the sauce – delicious. The salad, although simple with a sprinkle of pumpkin seed, olives, sun-dried tomato and a drizzle of dressing, had a lot more going for it than most side salads we are served.

We loved the Mad Cucumber and if you like eating great healthy food in a relaxed atmosphere, then this place is for you!

Review of Mad Cucumber

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Mad Cucumber
7 the Triangle

t: 01202 236407

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