Review of Firepot food pouches

April 11, 2018

Review of Firepot food pouches


Review of Firepot Food Pouches 

John Fisher created his Firepot food pouches brand of natural & healthy dehydrated food, after trying unsuccessfully to find a suitable one on the market. It has taken three years of research & development to create his healthy range of meals that just need boiling water to rehydrate them.

Review of Firepot food pouches

In 2017 he entered The Seed Fund which helps start-up food businesses to grow and flourish. After many gruelling Dragons Den style presentations, John was the eventual winner. Providing him with mentoring and invaluable insights into all areas such as raising investment, design and marketing, distribution, pricing and finance.

He needed to expand as business was starting to grown, so he moved his operations from an old thatched barn into Pymore Mills (an old thread mill). Production has now increased, but he hasn’t stopped there. He is designing a purpose built dehydrator to increase output even more. Creating new recipes, especially new vegan meals. Whilst also developing a new biodegradable & design for his packaging.

Each meal is cooked as a whole meal, as you would at home and then dehydrated. All ingredients are fresh, his meat comes from Rawles Butchers in Bridport and his vegetables from Cains Farm in Chideock. All the ingredients are natural and for example, the Beef Stew & Pearl Barley ingredients are as expected Beef mince, Potato, Celeriac, Carrot, Onion, Celery, Pearl Barley, Olive oil, Beef stock, Salt, Pepper, Treacle, Cider Vinegar, Cornflour, Tamarind & Thyme.

There are currently seven meals available Porcini Mushroom Risotto, Orzo Pasta Bolognese, Posh Pork and Beans, Dal and Rice with Spinach, Chilli con Carne and Rice, Spicy Pork Noodles, Beef Stew with Pearl Barley. All come in regular serving and for the very hungry EXTRA large serving.

To sample a pack of Firepot and to try to replicate the outdoor expedition feel, I first went to the gym and then into a wood for breakfast. Boiled some water, opened the pack and removed the oxygen eater. I then poured the water into my Posh Pork and Beans, stirred and waited 15 minutes.. This was a long 15 minutes, because the smell was mouth watering. The flavour was excellent as well, lots of meaty flavours from the pork and nice heat from the Tabasco. Maybe a little sweet and the beans were a little al dente, but if I was stuck on the side of the mountain in a blizzard, both would be rather comforting and certainly better than mush. When I first opened the pack I was worried that the portion size was a little on the small size, how wrong I was. It was a full portion of hunger quenching delight, the picture shows less than half of the contents!

As it says on the packaging “A nutritious and delicious meal. Just needs water. For outdoor pursuits or eating when you are too tired to cook. Made in Dorset using only natural ingredients” So you don’t need to head to Siberia to try one of these, they are just as tasty sat on the sofa!

You can buy online or from Felicity’s Farm Shop, Morcombelake and from some outdoor shops, check their website for more details.

Firepot food pouches
Pymore Mills


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