Review of Dorset Salt Co

August 27, 2017

Review of Dorset Salt Co


Review of Dorset Salt Co

The Romans were the first to harvest salt from the sea around Portland and a young entrepreneur Jethro Tennant has just revived this ancient industry with his company, Dorset Salt Co. 

After finishing university Jethro was out of work contemplating what career path he could head down. Then one day whilst surfing the net, he read all about the salt pans on the east side of Portland. With nothing better to do he tried and successfully harvested a very small amount of salt from the sea.

Review of Dorset Salt Co

Could he now turn his new knowledge into a business. He reached out to the Prince’s Trust who help inspiring young people. After lots of Dragons Den style pitches, Jethro had secured enough money to purchase the required equipment and also a business mentor – Dorset Salt Co. was born……

With the ratio of 1 pint of sea water producing a pinch of salt, Jethro has to collect a lot of water off Portland Bill. Before the evaporation process begins, the water goes through a physical filter and a microbiological filter. He then creates a super salty brine, which is allowed to evaporate very slowly over a number of days, until the crystals form.

Review of Dorset Salt Co

The resulting Dorset Sea Salt has a strong sea fresh flavour and should be used sparingly. It is perfect for cooking, Jethro has plans to develop a salt flake version for garnishing, also to create a range of infused sea salt flavours. The 100g packs are £4.00 and he also supplies larger wholesale packs.

You can buy Dorset Salt Co salt from a number of local farm shops across Dorset and you can buy or contact Jethro through his website

What better way to try Jethro’s new salt than on a bass that was also harvested from the waters surrounding Portland — we can now cook with Dorset Sea Salt – how cool is that!

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