Review of Conker Spirit’s Cold Brew Liqueur

June 23, 2017

Review of Conker Spirit’s Cold Brew Liqueur


Review of Conker Spirit’s Cold Brew Liqueur

Anyone who has seen my instagram profile can probably guess that I am a fan of a good flat white. So when I was given the chance to try out Conker Spirit’s new product – their Cold Brew Coffee Liqueur – I couldn’t have said ‘Yes’ faster!

Conker Sprit’s Cold Brew Coffee Liqueur is the latest addition to the Conker Spirit brand and was born when founder Rupert Holloway realised that he could not find a single coffee liqueur that truly resembled the taste of a good espresso.

The Conker Spirit team took a whole year to test 96 different recipes before they found they found ‘the One’ and they worked hard with local coffee roastery Beanpress Coffee Co. to select just the right coffee beans and roast them in just the right way – and boy can you tell!

By roasting Brazilian beans darker and for longer, makes the most of the cacao and caramel flavours, whilst Ethiopian beans are roasted faster and lighter, to bring out the sweetness and natural citrus character.

Review of Conker Spirit's Cold Brew liquer

They didn’t even leave the brewing method to chance and decided upon a cold brew method that eradicates any bitter notes from the bean and holds onto all the natural sweetness and flavour from the careful roasting of the beans.

The result? A dangerously quaffable spirit that perfectly encapsulates all that is wonderful about coffee!

Now, I don’t usually drink spirits neat, preferring to add mixers and ice, but this spirit is wonderful neat; a cacophony of all those carefully created coffee flavours with naturally occurring depth and sweetness mixed with those delightful citrusy top notes. A full bodied, full flavoured, dark, warm spirit with the heat from the alcohol but without any bitter or overpowering aftertaste.

If you are already a fan of well brewed, strong coffee, I cannot recommend this spirit enough – Conker Spirit’s remarkable and detailed adventure in recipe creation was definitely worth all that effort. Well done Conker Spirit!

Edited to add… Since we wrote this review, Conker have a released a decaf version of this delicious liqueur. It tastes just as good and you can still be in bed by 10pm.

Conker Spirit Cold Brew (and its decaf sister) can currently be purchased via their website – and in independent shops across Dorset (a list of which can be found on their website).

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Conker Spirit Cold Brew Decaf

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