Review of the Cafe at Compton Abbas Airfield

September 3, 2015

Review of the Cafe at Compton Abbas Airfield


Review of the Cafe at Compton Abbas Airfield

We often drive past the airfield and say we need to stop there one day. As the weather was not great over the bank holiday weekend we decided to try the restaurant at Compton Abbas airfield for lunch and hoping we might spot some planes despite the weather.

We were in for a treat. The Tiger Moth was about to take off so we watched it go up and later on watched it return.

The restaurant does not have large seating area, we were lucky to find a table as most seemed to have reservations. The menu is written on a blackboard and orders are taken at the bar. Although it is called a restaurant it does have a feel of a café, and they do have selection of cakes to choose from. Outside there are plenty of tables to sit down and watch the planes.

Children’s menu included drinks but it was a bit disappointing to find that children’s options included fizzy drinks. Both our children chose to have water. Everyone’s food was good and arrived promptly. We enjoyed our meal inside and then moved outside to watch the planes and had coffees outside.

If you are looking for a simple lunch that comes together with some of the most beautiful scenery and planes then Compton Abbas airfield is a good choice.

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Invited by PR company? No
Guest of chef/restaurant/owner? No
Restaurant/outlet knew ahead we were bloggers? No
Was the meal complimentary from the restaurant? No
Any complimentary items provided by restaurant/outlet? No

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