Launch of Be At One Cocktail Bar in Bournemouth

August 26, 2017

Launch of Be At One Cocktail Bar in Bournemouth


Review of Be At One Cocktail Bar in Bournemouth.

We were excited when we found out that one of Bournemouth’s former nightclubs, right in the centre of town, is being turned into a Cocktail Bar …and we were even more excited to be invited to the launch!

Be At One Cocktails Bar’s very first cocktail bar opened in London in 1998 and was created by two friends who were passionate about creating a bar focussed on making the cocktails themselves, the star of the show. Since the huge success of the first bar, 32 more cocktails bars have opened, with Bournemouth’s bar being the latest in that list. Taking over a derelict basement space, Be At One have created a vibrant, fun bar, fully stocked with a wide selection of top spirits and an impressive team of bar staff who not only mix a mean cocktail, but also bring the party atmosphere too!

Launch of the Be At One Cocktail Bar in Bournemouth

The cocktail menu is large and full of old favourites (like the mojitos, margaritas and cosmopolitans that we know and love) as well as new twists on old favourites (like a deliciously sharp passionfruit margarita – yum) and signature Be At One classics. All dietary requirements can be accommodated (as our lovely Vegan writer Fleurie can testify) and each member of the Be At One team have had extensive training so can tweak any cocktail or suggest something to suit your tastes.

On the launch night, we were able to sample some of the delicious drinks on the menu and we were also treated to a Cocktail Masterclass. Combining all sorts of wonderful ingredients – from honey, to jam, to egg white, to fresh fruits, to a full range of spirits – including high end, cleverly distilled spirits from all over the world – each cocktail has been thoughtfully put together and extensively tested. Our Cocktail Masterclass included a dedicated Cocktail genius who showed us how to make (and try!) many of the cocktails on the menu and we all had a blast in the process. Cocktail Masterclasses can be booked for £25-£30 per person, they last 90 minutes and if its anything like our class, you’ll have a great time and try many cocktails!!

Launch of the Be At One Cocktail Bar in Bournemouth

Be At One is open from 5pm until 1pm with a Happy Hour between 5pm and 7pm. Being so close to Bournemouth’s burgeoning town centre (located at the base of Richmond Hill by The Square), this is the perfect place to kick start your evening before dinner and would be a fun way to spend a Friday night with friends. If you are looking for a new drink or an old favourite, made just right, this is the bar for you.

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Be At One Cocktail Bar
3 Richmond Hill

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