Review of Badger Beers

August 8, 2019

Review of Badger Beers


Review of Badger Beers in Dorset. 

It is August and it’s (mostly) the perfect weather to kick back with a nice, cold beer. We’ve kindly been given some delicious beers from Badger Beers and I have teamed up with my husband, Andy, to bring you a little review of all the tasty things that Badger offer, direct from their brewery in the heart of Dorset.

Founded in 1777, Badger have been brewing from their brewery in Blandford over 7 generations. Their 240+ years of experience have evolved with the brewing technology, resulting in a state of the art brewery, proudly standing next to the original brewery. Delving a little deeper into their ingredients, I was pleased to discover that their malt and hops are primarily sourced from within the UK and all their water is drawn from a well on the site, distilled naturally through the chalky downs. Badger are so proud of their brewery that you can book a tour and hear their story direct from one of their knowledgable guides (and taste their range of beers).

They currently have 8 different beers available (with extra, more seasonal beers available from time to time), many of which are award winning and all with Dorset influenced names. You can purchase some of their beer varieties in bottles and cans from many supermarkets, but you can also buy a pint direct from cask in your favourite Hall & Woodhouse Pub (located across the UK). Badger also have a pub onsite, nestled in the malting of the old brewery – the Brewery Tap – with a menu stocked with plenty of tasty food options …and an endless supply of beer!

We were gifted some of Badger’s Tangle Foot beers and I have left it to Andy (a fan of the craft ales) to let you know how it tastes…

Tangle Foot is a clear, golden ale. It is easy to drink, and I enjoy it served chilled but not too cold. The bready malt flavour comes through well, but cleanly and there is some carbonation – just about right for a light ale. The flavour is sweet with hints of buttery biscuit, but also light and a little fruity.

I’ve been following their social pages for a while and have noticed some tasty recipes pop up from time to time with fun, beer-infused twists on favourites like a beer infused beef hot dog and coleslaw and a tasty pork pie cooked with their Fursty Ferret beer. Especially if you are already a fan of some of the beers in the Badger range, these are a great way to experiment with new flavours.

Review of Badger Beers in Dorset

It is easy to get your hands on one of these tasty beers and they often appear in (and disappear from!) our fridge at home, but its great to know that this family owned, Dorset business is going from strength to strength, producing delicious, award-winning beers right on our doorstep.

Badger Beers features, along with many other local businesses, on our searchable Food and Drink Directory. Find and support your local businesses here

Picture of Pork Pies used with permission from Badger Beers. Other photos by Heather Brown

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