Recipe for Crumble Mince Pies

December 18, 2018

Recipe for Crumble Mince Pies

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Guest Recipe for Crumble Mince Pies. 

These are not just any mince pies, they are crumble mince pies! I’m assured these are easy to make. Personally, I’m okay with just doing the eating, but if you love baking, let us know how you get on!

The recipe below has been kindly donated by Cake by Sadie Smith. The mincemeat recipe in particular has been used by Sadie since she was 16 so is well practised and assured to be super tasty – you definitely can’t beat the taste of homemade mincemeat. Should you run out of time, you can of course substitute with a shop bought mincemeat.

You can find more delicious recipes on our Dorset Recipes page. 

Crumble Mince Pies

December 18, 2018
: 12
: 20 min
: 30 min
: 50 min
: Easy


Crumble Mince Pie Recipe 1 | Recipe for Crumble Mince Pies | Dorset Foodie Feed
  • 225g Bramley apples, peeled, cored & chopped into small chunks
  • 110g Vegetable suet
  • 200g Raisins
  • 125g Sultanas
  • 125g Currants
  • 175g Soft dark brown sugar
  • Grated zest of a lemon & an orange
  • Quarter teaspoon of ground cinnamon
  • 2 level teaspoons mixed ground spice
  • Pinch of nutmeg
  • 4 tablespoons brandy
  • 250g salted butter
  • 500g plain flour
  • 125g caster sugar
  • A pinch of mixed spice
  • A little milk
  • Step 2 Combine all the ingredients in an oven proof bowl except the Brandy, stirring thoroughly. Cover with a clean tea towel & leave overnight to allow the flavours to mingle.
  • Step 3 The next day – pre-heat the oven to 120c.
  • Step 4 Cover the bowl with foil & cook for 2 hours. It will look as though it is swimming in fat but once the mixture comes out the oven & cools it will encase the ingredients.
  • Step 5 Allow to cool, stirring occasionally.
  • Step 6 The mincemeat is now ready to be placed in sterilized jars …or straight into your mince pies!
  • Step 8 Pre heat the oven to 175c
  • Step 9 In a food mixer, processor or with your hands, mix & combine all ingredients until they resemble breadcrumbs.
  • Step 10 Remove a third of the breadcrumbs into another bowl.
  • Step 11 Add a little milk at a time to the remaining breadcrumbs mixing in between until the mixture forms a dough.
  • Step 12 Tip out onto a floured work surface & roll out thinly.
  • Step 13 Using pastry cutters, cut out rounds of pastry, placing them in a cupcake tin, gently press them into the bottom & sides of the tin.
  • Step 14 Add a generous teaspoon of mincemeat to the centre of each pastry case.
  • Step 15 Top with a spoon of the crumble mix until all the mincemeat is covered. Don’t worry if the crumble mix goes everywhere & over the sides of the case, the case will lift cleanly from the cupcake tin once cooked leaving any bits behind.
  • Step 16 Place in the oven for approx 20 mins or until golden brown.
  • Step 17 Once cooked these can be eaten but equally freeze really well in a tupperware container.

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