Interview with the founder of the Dorset Chilli Shop

August 2, 2017

Interview with the founder of the Dorset Chilli Shop


Interview with the founder of the Dorset Chilli Shop

In the heart of Winton, Bournemouth is an award winning chilli shop, aptly named Dorset Chilli Shop. If you are adventurous for all things chilli like I am this is the go-to shop, it sells a vast range of products that appeal to all taste buds from the mildly spiced to the “Effing Melt Your Face Off” spiced!

Interview with the founders of the Dorset Chilli Shop

I recently had the opportunity to meet and talk to the co-founder Lisa about the chilli products that the shop produces and sells; firstly her husband and co-founder Andy explained the inspiring story behind the Dorset Chilli Shop…

Five years ago Lisa was diagnosed with Breast Cancer. This rocked our world and changed our outlook on life forever more. Once hospital based treatment had finished, we felt we had to change our lifestyle. We had run our own business as successful driving instructors for years and decided to move into a completely different direction, with something fun, healthy and interesting.

The Dorset Chilli Shop was created.

As a child I lived in Asia and travelled the world with my family, which in turn developed my love of food and different cultures. Lisa left school and moved to the Caribbean where she worked and lived for 12 years. In that time, she learnt a lot about Caribbean food, spices and cooking. In our relationship together, we have spent a lot of time cooking and dabbling with using, as well as growing, chillies for fun.

The move to open Dorset Chilli Shop seemed a natural progression.

Since opening in March 2015 we have gone on to develop an extensive range of chilli based products, to tantalise a wide variety of taste buds and needs. One of our favourite, which we also feel is the most important, is Dorset Knockers. This sauce is about giving back to a charity that helped us through the dark times in our cancer journey. It has been endorsed by Breast Cancer Care. A percentage of every bottle bought is donated to this fantastic charity, to help in their ongoing fight against this horrible disease. Dorset Knockers is a Raspberry Chilli Dressing. For obvious reasons we wanted this sauce to be pink, but not too hot, and by doing this we hope to appeal to more people. It uses a very mild chilli, so as not to overpower the natural products within. It has a unique flavour that will enhance any salad, roasted vegetables or it can be mixed through pulses, rice and beans.

Interview with the founders of the Dorset Chilli Shop

Where can customers buy your products?

Customers can buy our products in our shop in Winton, 682, Wimborne Road Bh9 2Eg; our visit our website. We have products sold at a few selected businesses and also at the many events that we attend all of which are are listed on our website.

What are your top 5 best selling Dorset Chilli products?

Top 5 best selling products is a hard one, as they change depending on the season and the event. But if push came to shove i would say the following….
1. Antidote
2. Bacon Jam
3. Dorset Fire
4. Traditional Thai (Award Winning sauce 2017 Great Taste Awards)
5. Firebomb (a gift set with Antidote, Dorset Fire and Red Hot Naga Sea Salt)

What is the HOTTEST Chilli product you sell? And have you tried it?

We have 4 HOT sauces at the moment that are ours…..obviously in the shop we sell other producers

Antidote; The Webster….which is a cooking paste/marinade; Dorset Fire Inferno, which is Dorset Fire but mega hot and Melt Your Effing Face Off……which is our hottest at the moment but is a limited Edition and we only have 30 bottles left for Great Dorset Chilli Festival.

Oh and no I haven’t tried them all, my husband has. But I can’t even manage Antidote before we add the chilli……

Will you be launching any new products?

Yes, we have recently launched a brand new product Chilpoctli, which is an extract made from Chipotles. This will be mega hot. There are extracts out there that are way hotter, but nobody does a chipotle one. So we will have a different product from anyone else. As it will be the only extract that will actually have a natural flavour. Extracts original were made for chefs to add heat to food, now they are more widely used as pranks
If you are wondering about the name, Chilpoctli is the original name for chipotle in the ancient Aztec Nahuati language. As Chipotle comes from Mexico we thought this quite an apt name.

For more information on the products sold at Dorset Chilli Shop you can visit their website:

(Feature photograph used by kind permission of Dorset Chilli Shop)

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Dorset Chilli Shop
682 Wimborne Road
Bh9 2EG

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