Review of Fordington Gin’s ‘Gurt Lush’ Gin

March 11, 2021

Review of Fordington Gin’s ‘Gurt Lush’ Gin


Review of Fordington Gin’s ‘Gurt Lush’ Gin 

Fordington Gin was founded by Ros Nelmes with a whole lot of love for Dorset and a passion for creating a delicious product. I have heard lots of lovely things about Fordington Gin (and Ros!) and was delighted to be gifted a bottle of their award winning ‘Gurt Lush’ gin to try for myself. 

Ros is a passionate Gin connoisseur and is often found sharing her extensive knowledge in fun gin talks across Dorset. Fordington Gin was started by hand crafting small batches of gin using local botanicals like wormwood, star anise and lemon balm, until the original Fordington Gin was perfected. Since then, as more and more people tried and loved the gin, Ros has moved production to a larger, bespoke gin distillery in her garden. 

After perfecting the original, Ros has also created a number of seasonal sister gins, celebrating local flavours like apple and blackberry, english rose and orange and elderflower, as well as a festive Christmas gin full of local damsons. 

Fordington Gin Gurt Lush


Fordington Gin has also created their ‘Gert Lush’ gin, which replaces the star anise in the original with fennel and increases the proof to 50%. I was gifted a pretty little bottle and I tried the gin both neat and with a Fevertree tonic and slice of lemon. 

It is hard to tell that the gin is of, as Ros puts it, ‘seafaring strength’ as it certainly doesn’t leave you with that tell tale heat of the alcohol as some strong spirits can do. To drink ‘Gurt Lush’ is full yet mellow, with a light and clean flavour of the fennel and lemon balm pulling through – it was a real pleasure to drink! I can already see how lovely this will be on a hot summer’s day. 

Of course, it was no surprise that it was a lovely drink as ‘Gurt Lush’ has now gone on to win a number of awards including a local Taste of the West Gold Award as well as a World Gin Silver Award (a competition of 600 gins!) among a number of others. 

This gin is lovely – full of flavour, yet clean and light. I recommend getting your bottle ready for the warmth of spring and the heat of summer. 

You can buy Fordington Gin directly from their website – as well as discovering all the lovely flavours. 

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Review of Fordington Gin Gurt Lush

Heather was gifted the bottle of ‘Gert Lush’ gin. 

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