Expert Help for Food and Drink Businesses

Expert Help for Food and Drink Businesses

Expert Help for Food and Drink Businesses.

As well as helping to promote Dorset food and drink businesses to customers, Dorset Foodie Feed has always loved helping food and drink business owners where we can, especially trying to connect them with expert help. 

At Dorset Foodie Feed, we write many reviews of local businesses and products and share our own recipes as well as working with local chefs to share theirs (often using local products). These all get published on this site, as well as on our social pages. We have also used our skills as photographers, stylists and writers to help businesses on a one to one basis, behind the scenes with their online presence and social pages. 

Finding the right help. 

We know how hard it has been this year and if you are looking for help with your business then please do get in touch. If we cannot help you ourselves, then we know people who can… from photography, styling, writing and copy, website help, legal or accounting advice, how to take your business to the next level (warehousing/manufacturing), getting a mentor, PR or HR… we know experts who can help. 

If you need any help with your business, just send Heather an email on and she will find someone to help you.

We can do this together.

You can also find lots of Dorset food and drink businesses on our searchable Directory.