Dorset’s Coffee Roasters

August 28, 2020

Dorset’s Coffee Roasters


Dorset’s Coffee Roasters

I am a huge fan of coffee and have personally spent time learning and tasting the beautiful complexities in different coffee flavour profiles. During lockdown, I took the opportunity and the simple pleasure of the routine of grinding the beans and making a fresh coffee every day, to try some of Dorset’s amazing coffee. I don’t have a large coffee machine home so I can’t make an espresso based drink, but an aeropress and a coffee bean grinder allows me to try all kinds of local beans at home… and I definitely made the most of that this year!

In the handful of months since lockdown began, I have been able to try freshly roasted beans from Bad Hand Coffee, Grounded Coffee, Broadoak Coffee and Beanpress Coffee (and I have previously tried Dorset Coffee Co beans too). They are all hand roasted in Dorset and to be honest, they were all delicious. I tend to stick to coffee beans with chocolatey or caramel flavour undertones (all of which are described on the websites of the coffee roasters to make choosing easy) and I prefer a washed bean to a natural bean… but I know that some of the floral notes in a natural coffee can be really good!

I have settled on the Rocky Road blend from Beanpress Coffee as my current favourite. Beanpress Coffee was born out of the Little Red Roaster in Ashley Cross and they personally visit the farms that grow the beans and meet the growers, stories of those adventures you can find on their facebook page. Beanpress coffee can be found in some of Dorset’s amazing cafes, including the brilliant Espresso Kitchen in The Triangle, Bournemouth. You can also find their coffee used as the base for Conker’s Cold Brew Liqueur.

Many of these great coffees can be found in cafes and restaurants across the county, and don’t get me wrong, I love an oat milk flat white… but for me, making a simple black coffee at home with freshly ground beans, is one of life’s simple pleasures and I have loved exploring Dorset’s amazing producers.

I have listed all of the places where I have discovered Dorset roasted coffee. If I have missed any, please do let me know and I will add them to this list.



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