Dorset’s Farm Shops, Zero Waste Shops, Village Stores and Delis

June 23, 2020

Dorset’s Farm Shops, Zero Waste Shops, Village Stores and Delis


Farm shops are an amazing way to shop local and they work hard to stock a wide range of local products, from local meat, milk, cheese, bread, cake, fruit, vegetables and eggs to locally produced items like jams, chutneys, sauces, coffee and tea.

Zero Waste shops often also supply a lot of fresh local produce but also allow customers to bring their own containers to fill with dried goods like flour, pasta and pulses, reducing the need for unnecessary single use plastics. They also usually supply eco cleaning products, vegan and sustainable items too.

Local, independent village stores are often the centre of a village community, bringing together a small, curated selection of fresh and dried foods and drinks. Independent village stores are usually owned and run by people that live in the village.

Deli counters are usually a little smaller than farm shops and are often attached to a cafe. They are stuffed full of the more fresh meat and dairy items, as well handmade salads, olives etc. They can also have ranges of local condiments and sauces to compliment their fresh items.

We have also included some home delivery farm shops, some who have been open in Dorset for many years and some who opened during the last 3 months. They all give customers the option to buy on their website for home delivery.

We have listed below as many as we can find to help you find the closest independent food shop to you.


You can also check out our other Directories of Dorset food and drink businesses…


If you know of any independent shops that should be listed here, please email us on and we will add them to the list. 


Farm Shops

West Dorset

Central Dorset

North Dorset

East Dorset





Online Local Grocery Shops for home delivery. 


Independent Village Stores



Zero Waste Shops


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