Buy local meat direct from your Dorset Farm

October 25, 2021

Buy local meat direct from your Dorset Farm


Buy local meat direct from your Dorset farm or butcher. 

Many of us are trying to support local businesses in this season and as lockdown eases enough for us to begin to meet with friends and loved ones, we may be start to look to buy local meat for our dinner tables.

If you are hoping to buy local meat for your gatherings as the restrictions ease and we are allowed to see others again, then we have put together a list of some local farms and shops that can help.  


Dorset Farms.

In many cases, it is possible to buy local meat direct from the local farmers, but many of these farmers also supply their meat to their local high street butcher. We have listed below some of the local farms that we have found and in many cases you can buy direct from their websites. 


Piddle Valley Chickens – Based near Piddlehinton in the heart of rural Dorset, Piddle Valley Chickens are reared using natural methods, with a diet of corn, grass and clover. They are also free to roam their large paddocks and reared in small flocks. Visit their website for more information. 


Hilfield Herefords – Based on the outskirts of Dorchester, Hilfield Herefords have a heard of award winning pedigree Hereford cattle. Their cattle are Red Tractor Farm Assured and grass fed and you can buy their beef by cut or in selection boxes. See their facebook page for more details. 


Downhouse Farm – Based near Bridport, all their meat (beef, lamb and pork) is reared on their 380 acre farm. You can order their meat from their website for home delivery. 


Cedar Organic – Based near Corfe Castle, you can buy organic beef and lamb direct from the farmer. They have a herd of Ruby Red North Devon cattle and a flock of Lleyn Sheep. You can see their meat options via their website and you can either collect from the farm gate or from a number of local butchers. 


Modbury Farm – Based near Burton Bradstock on the West Dorset coastline, Modbury farm have a herd of Jersey cows and some Saddleback pigs. You can buy beef and pork direct from their own farm shop, as well as a small range of other items. Visit their website for more information.


The Story Pig – Based near Sherborne, The Story Pig have a herd of Tamworth Pigs. Tamworth pigs are happiest outside and their herd are free to roam all year round, raised in large pastures and can wallow and root as much as they like. The meat is grown slowly and allowed to mature, kept in the best welfare standards. You can buy all of their pork meat cuts and sausages direct from their website for home delivery. For more information, visit their website. 


Dorset Meat Company – work with 20 small Dorset and Wiltshire based farmers who all raise their animals ethically and harmoniously with their surroundings. You can order all of their meat via their website for home delivery or click and collect from their farm in West Dorset. 


Chilcott Turkeys – Based in Overmoigne near Dorchester, Chilcott turkeys are free range during the day from 8 weeks old and allowed to happily roam the pastures. Their feed is free from growth promoting additives and they are plucked by hand then hung in a cold store for at least a week to develop tenderness and flavour. You can order your turkey direct from Chilcott Turkey and collect from their farm gate (or from a number of local butchers). You can read our review here or visit their website for more information. 


Brunsell Turkey Farm – Based near Sturminster Newton, Brunsell Farm is a 7th Generation Turkey Farm. Their turkeys are housed in spacious barns with deep straw beds and are hand fed twice a day with specially formulated grain free from growth promoters. The turkeys are hand plucked and hung to to develop flavour and tenderness. You can buy Brunsell Farm turkeys from a range of local butchers and farm shops and can also collect from the farm gate. For more information, visit their website


Medway Turkey Farm – Based near Bridport, Medway Farm raises allow their turkeys to roam their pastures and woodland, grazing naturally as well as being grain fed. You can buy your turkeys directly from their farm and there is more information and how to order via their website


Dorset Butchers


You can also buy local meat from many of Dorset’s butchers located on local high streets across the county. 

You can search our online Directory to find your local butcher here

We have also highlighted some more unique local butchers below… 


Dorset Game Larder – your one stop shop for quality local game meat including rabbit, venison, duck, quail, partridge, pheasant, pigeon, also game sausages and burgers too. Find out more via their website


Ash Farm – Selling their organic venison via their farm shop. Visit their website for more information. 


The Real Cure – For locally cured meats then The Real Cure have a wide range. Order from their website for home delivery. 


From Salt to Smoke – Ethically and locally sourced meats, expertly handled, cured, smoked and hung producing top quality cuts. Order from their website for home delivery. 


Food Producer Review of Chilcott Turkeys - Buy Local Meat

Photos taken by John Grindle. 

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