About Dorset Foodie Feed

About Dorset Foodie Feed

About Dorset Foodie Feed

Hosting Dorset’s largest directory of food and drink businesses, Dorset Foodie Feed is here to champion the local food and drink scene in Dorset and help connect local businesses to local people. Our Directory is fully searchable, free to list and contains over 650 Dorset based food and drink businesses. 

Dorset Foodie Feed also shares reviews of local hospitality venues in Dorset, as well as recipes using local ingredients. 

We hope to encourage consumers to discover the culinary delights on their doorstep and to #supportlocal.


Click here to find your nearest independent food and drink business. 


History of Dorset Foodie Feed.

Dorset Foodie Feed was started in 2011 by John Grindle as West Dorset Foodie. John’s love for great food, fishing and helping people grew the site and he started taking on new writers across Dorset in 2015. In 2015 there were 4 sites – West Dorset Foodie, East Dorset Foodie, North Dorset Foodie and Purbeck Foodie and in 2017 all 4 sites were combined together to create Dorset Foodie Family.

In November 2018, John stepped down from running the site and Heather Brown took over. Heather now runs Dorset Foodie Feed and all the social channels associated with the website.

In 2020, Heather took the site through a significant rebuild and changed the name from Dorset Foodie Family to Dorset Foodie Feed. During the Covid 19 pandemic and lockdown, Heather created lists of food and drink businesses that were still open to help connect local businesses with customers. As lockdown eased, those lists became our directory and now list as many of Dorset’s food and drink businesses as we can find. Heather has worked hard to create a free resource for Dorset, hoping to connect customers with their local food and drink businesses.


Heather Brown - Dorset Foodie Feed

Heather Brown

Heather lives in Bournemouth with her husband and 2 teenage boys and is a keen foodie who loves helping people. Heather is a member of the Guild of Food Writers and has worked in the food/events industry since she was 16, starting her first food business at the age of 24. Heather has recently been helping local foodie businesses with their websites, social media and online content and Heather also works with clients as a home economist, to help recipe test, make food for and style food photoshoots. Heather also regularly writes recipes for The Blackmore Vale magazine and Dorset Biz News and you can find out more about her work here – www.heather-brown.com.

For the most part, Heather runs Dorset Foodie Feed by herself. You can see below some of the bloggers that also write from time to time or that Dorset Foodie Feed links to. All social media content and website management and upkeep is done by Heather. 


Bloggers, journalists and food writers. 

Over the years, we have had many bloggers and writers visit establishments and write reviews on behalf of Dorset Foodie Feed, many of those reviews are still on the site even if the writer no longer writes for Dorset Foodie Feed.

We love working with local people to visit and write about local places. We believe that the more people who shout about how great Dorset’s food and drink is, the more we can encourage people to try something new. Currently we host the reviews of a handful of excellent writers as well as linking to other amazing local bloggers on their own sites. You can read bios about all our current writers and bloggers below.


Andrew Diprose - Dorset Biz News

Andrew Diprose – Dorset Biz News

Andrew founded Dorset Biz News in 2019 and the site now has 26,000 unique users. A qualified journalist, he has 42 years’ experience in print and online media, commercial radio, news agencies, corporate affairs and PR.

Dorset Foodie Feed and Dorset Biz News work collaboratively, sharing food & drink news features across both platforms on a monthly basis, helping to support and encourage the food and hospitality sectors by sharing positive news stories to their audiences. It is a pleasure to work with Dorset Biz News in this way.  


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John Grindle – @johngrindle

After retiring to spend time with his beautiful family, John re-joined the team in 2020 to write the odd review. John lives near Dorchester and loves his family, fishing and cooking on his BBQ and outdoor pizza oven. John’s occasional reviews and recipes are hosted on Dorset Foodie Feed. 



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Rebecca Smale – @rebeccasmale

Rebecca Smale is a food & prop stylist living in Bournemouth who loves to travel and explore new cuisines and find tasty street food. You can find more about her work here – www.rebeccasmale.com. Rebecca’s occasional reviews and recipes are hosted on Dorset Foodie Feed.



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Alix King – @lixxxyloo

Alix King is a freelance copywriter and journalist living in Ringwood and has been a food writer for many years (you can find more details here – www.alixking.com). Alix’s occasional reviews and recipes are hosted on Dorset Foodie Feed. 



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Rachael Pitman – @15milefoodie

Rachael Pitman is a keen foodie, living in Christchurch and runs The 15 Mile Foodie. We have worked with Rachael for a number of years and you can find some of her reviews on Dorset Foodie Feed as well as linking to their own brilliant food blog via our Directory.



Adventurous Glutton

Rebecca Perl – @adventurousglutton

Rebecca Perl, aka The Adventurous Glutton is based in Highcliffe and is a member of the Guild of Food Writers. When she isn’t eating, Rebecca is thinking about food, writing about food, cooking or working on food illustrations. 

Dorset Foodie Feed sometimes link to Rebecca’s articles on their site via our directory. 



Special thanks to… Dorset Growth Hub for a Covid ‘bounce back’ grant to help fund the build of the Directory and to baby Jack Leach who slept so his Dad could help build the map.